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Choosing Jinli's lifting equipment factory is choosing the guarantee of strength and quality. With strong processing strength, advanced technology and strict quality inspection system, we are able to create safe, efficient and reliable lifting equipment for you.

A whole set of modern equipment for automatic welding, CNC processing, fully automated surface treatment and detection, and test has been introduced in the production workshop, where waste gas treatment systems satisfying Grade A environmental protection requirements such as welding fume collection and paint corrosion system are also set.

The Company has also introduced a large batch of machining equipment such as several sets of TK6920 and TK6916 CNC floortype milling & boring machines and CNC lathes and has accumulated the production capacity of complete machining after welding 5mX5mX16m large workpiece. The processing precision could reach 6μm, which can ensure the processing quality of tower parts such as tower crane body and boom, and interchangeability and assembly & disassembly precision of parts, and improve mounting & dismantling efficiency of tower cranes.

On the basis of product characteristics, the Company has introduced a large batch of cutting and blanking equipment such as CNC intersecting line cutter and CNC plasma cutter, as well as automatic welding tooling positioner, automatic welding robot,etc., customized and developed various kinds of tooling for riveting such parts as boom and standard knot of large tower cranes so as to ensure the rivet welding precision and quality of different parts.

Anticorrosion workshop has been furnished with large shot blasting line for incoming material pre-treatment. The surface treatment grade of shot blasting could reach Sa2.5. The Company has also established a series of anti-corrosion equipment, such as 7mX7mX18m overall coating line of ultra-large structural parts, shot blasting chamber, spraying chamber, baking chamber and VOCs waste gas catalytic combustion treatment system, in order to ensure strong adhesion, stylish color and weather resistance of tower crane paint.

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