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Gantry Cranes

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Gantry Crane can be divided into Truss Gantry Crane and Box Type Gantry Crane, with applicable lifting capacity of 20-80t and applicable span of 12-42m, which is suitable for loading and unloading in open-air warehouses, material yards, railroad terminals, port terminals and so on. It can also be equipped with a variety of special hooks for a variety of special operations.


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How many types of jinli gantry cranes

categorized by use

1. General Gantry Cranes: Commonly use box or truss structures, handling loads up to 100 tons with a span of 4-39 meters. Higher duty levels are required when equipped with grabs.

2. Hydropower Station Gantry Cranes: Used for lifting and operating gates, with capacities of 80-500 tons, spans of 8-16 meters, and slow lifting speeds of 1-5 meters/minute.

3. Shipbuilding Gantry Cranes: Employed for assembling ship hulls, typically equipped with two trolleys for handling large ship sections, with capacities of 100-1500 tons and spans up to 185 meters.

4. Container Gantry Cranes: Used at container terminals to stack or load containers rapidly, enhancing the turnover of container bridges and other cranes. These can stack containers up to 3-4 layers high and 6 rows wide, with lifting speeds of 8-10 meters/minute and spans up to 60 meters.


Jinli gantry cranes, derived from bridge cranes, retain the main characteristics and performance advantages of their predecessors while demonstrating additional benefits in practical operations. These cranes perform lifting operations via tracks, eliminating common faults associated with tire-driven or diesel-powered units, thus reducing breakdowns during operations. They are electrically driven, requiring no oil changes, which controls maintenance costs effectively and enhances economic efficiency. Jinli gantry cranes feature high automation with fixed-track installations preventing misalignments under heavy loads. They operate with direct high-voltage power, minimizing noise and air pollution and incorporate energy feedback systems during lowering operations to reduce energy consumption.







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