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Since developing its first large luffing jib tower crane in 2010, Jinli has expanded its range over the past decade to include luffing jib tower cranes from 125tm to 3350tm. Jinli luffing jib tower cranes are renowned for their stable performance and high safety standards, making them essential for major domestic projects and super high-rise buildings. Our cranes, featuring high quality, high safety, and intelligent technology, excel in residential construction, PC, and bridge construction projects.


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Types and Selection of Tower Cranes

Luffing Jib Tower Crane

Rise of super high-rise buildings presents unprecedented challenges for construction technology. Jinli luffing jib tower cranes, known for their efficiency and flexibility, have become indispensable for these projects. These cranes adjust jib angle to vary radius without generating extra moment, making them ideal for space-constrained construction sites. Their shorter counter-jibs enhance stability and reduce interference with other structures. Multiple luffing jib cranes can operate simultaneously, improving efficiency and safety. Proper selection, adherence to safety protocols, and regular maintenance are crucial. Advances like intelligent control systems further enhance their performance. Jinli luffing jib tower cranes, with their unique design, space-saving benefits, and operational flexibility, play a vital role in super high-rise building construction.

Wind Turbine Tower Crane

Global offshore wind energy resources are abundant, and the installation of wind turbines requires offshore wind turbine tower cranes. These cranes, typically mounted on installation vessels or self-elevating platforms, are crucial for lifting turbine foundations, tower sections, and turbines. Recent advancements in crane technology, with capacities ranging from 150 to 5500 tons, include various types like pedestal, lattice boom, and leg encircling cranes. Intelligent control systems enhance efficiency and safety. Offshore wind turbine tower cranes are vital for the development of global offshore wind power projects.

Flat-Top Tower Crane

JINLi acquired the complete technology for the flat-top tower crane series from a renowned German company, achieving international leadership. In 2022, JINLi innovated with a domestic round mortise mast design, launching high-quality, safe, and long-lasting R-series tower cranes. These cranes feature global safety, a 30-year lifespan, and remote management. The R-series, protected by multiple patents, excels in wind resistance, independent height, and attachment height. The R-series is a market leader, advancing JINLi's focus on high-end, intelligent, and green products, ensuring sustainable development in the tower crane industry.

Self-Erecting Intelligent Tower Crane

JINLi's Self-Erecting Intelligent Tower Crane features a super long jib (50 meters) for wide coverage, large cross-section standards (15001500 and 16801680) for rigidity and stability, and high-capacity main limb materials (16016012). The electrical system uses high-quality domestic or imported components for reliable performance. Key parts are CO2 welded for minimal deformation and interchangeable standards. The crane offers smooth hoisting and rotation with a wire motor, ensuring efficient and stable operation.







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