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Overhead cranes

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Jinli provides various types of overhead cranes suitable for a range of light operations and demanding working conditions. Generally, our standard models (high-quality basic equipment) and high-end products (equipment with high-tech features) should meet your needs. However, we can also offer customized solutions based on your specific processes. With a focus on frontline production, we are dedicated to serving industrial customers worldwide. Our newly launched intelligent cranes are powerful, data-connected, and smart, representing the current trend in intelligent crane handling development. From individual components to the entire operation process, our industrial overhead cranes reflect Jinli's higher standards of quality.


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Technical Features


Options for single trolley or double trolley

Low headroom hoisting mechanism with a maximum lifting capacity of 2x12.5 tons

Standard lifting height up to 32 meters

Standard span up to 32 meters

Designed and manufactured according to FEM/ISO standards

Speed Control System

Dual-speed or variable frequency drive (VFD) for hoisting

VFD for trolley and bridge travel


All motors equipped with overheating protection

Overload protection

Four-stage rotary hoisting limit switch

Two-stage bridge travel limit switch

Operation System

Manual control; remote control + backup manual control


Hoisting speed: 4/0.7; 5/0.8; 6.3/1.1; 8/1.3; 10/1.7 m/min

Trolley travel speed: 20; 25; 32 m/min

Bridge travel speed: 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 63 m/min

Operating Environment

Indoor use; outdoor use with roof

All motors with a protection rating of at least IP55, control box with a protection rating of at least IP54

Optional Features

Bridge travel audible and visual alarm

Bridge travel photoelectric anti-collision device

Counterweight hoisting limit switch

Intelligent functions

Anti-sway for hook

Remote service

Target positioning

Synchronized lifting







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