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Henan Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd

Henan Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd is controlled by Henan Jinli Gold lead Group co.,Ltd. The company is located in huling Hi-tech industrial Development Zone, chengliu Town, Jiyuan City, Henan Province,The company's products are mainly construction machinery and engineering machinery, fully committed to the design and manufacture of national key infrastructure construction machinery and equipment, such as construction engineering, transportation engineering, energy and environmental engineering.Main products include hydraulic push-up machines, luffing jib cranes, flat-top cranes, gantry cranes and other types of oversized customized tower cranes.


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Tower Crane Test Bench


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Processing Capacity

Advanced NC Machining Ability

Jinli has sophisticated processing equipment: CNC plasma cutting machine, cNc plasma intersecting line cutting machine, automatic welding tool, automatic welding robot, all kinds of CNC machine tools, TK6920 CNC boring and milling machine (meet4.5mX4.5mX17m ultra-large structure parts machining). For ensuring the interchangeability and disassembly accuracy.Standard section tower body, Jib section and other parts are integrated CNC processing.

Super Large Tower Crane Test Bench

The factory has built 10000TM tower crane test bench. The test bench is equipped with 2000TM(80t) class super large tower crane .lt is specially used for installation of the new crane, which is supposed to commissioning and experiment on it. Before each tower machine is delivered, it will go though several times of installation and commissioning in the factory. After passing the strict inspection, it will be delivered to the user after passing the load test.

Advanced Anti-corrosion Coating Line

The coating line is equipped with automatic shot blasting machine for pretreatment of raw material, and the coating line including shot blasting room, polishing room, paint spraying room and baking room also, Each room is 7mX7mX18m large for big structure parts, Under the guidance of advantage technology, the coating quality of tower crane is guaranteed.

Strict Quality Examination

The equipments are specialized in the quality control of crane products, material testing, parts testing, product testing, failure analysis, technical evaluation, technical transformation, and technological improvement. Testing item include crane testing, non-destructive testing, chemical testing, physical testing, electrical training and experiment etc.

R&D Institute

The Company has set up Jinli Heavy Science Research Institute in Zhengzhou City and takes it as its design and R&D center, The company has Kept attracting high-end talents in the industry by taking advantage of Zhengzhou's strength as a national traffic hub and favorable policies of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and National Center City 90% of the Company's R&D staff have a bachelor degree and above,including 11 with a master's degree, and 9 with a title above senior engineer, All R&D staff are from different specialties such as machinery, electrical engineering and hydraulic pressure.

The company makes efforts to develop and customize off-standard hoisting equipment for domestic and overseas large projects and prowide tailored product R&D scheme for customers based on their specific engineering demands. highlighting the R&D of new products and techniques, the company has kept making investment in such aspects as technical R&D and product innovation, which yields significant returns. For instance, besides the application of dozens of patented technologies per year, the Company has also been included in the list of “professional, fine, characteristic and novel” enterprises,and recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise and “Municipal Engineering Technical Research Center".lnparticular, the company's JLD2250 tower crane with wind electric arm has passed the recognition of Henan Province's first set of major technical equipment.

The Company has intensified its exchange and cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes and colleges & universities constantly and has improved its independent innovation capacity through atechnological innovation system combined with industry-university-research cooperation so as to transform scientific research achievements into productivity and therefore create values for the enterprise and the whole society constantly.

Quality Assurance

Quality Is Lifeline of Jinli.

  • 10,000tm tower crane test bench is established within the plant, The test bench is provided with a 2,000 tm ultra-large tower crane, which is used for mounting,dismantling, debugging and testing tower cranes just delivered from factory, Prior to delivery.
  • Each tower undergoes times of mounting, dismantling and debugging within the plant and rigorous quality inspection. They cannot be delivered to customers until passing load test.

Quality Management Plays a Key Role.

  • The Company manages product quality according to the international standard quality system so as to ensure the whole process within control,ranging from raw material procurement, product design,production, monitoring, vehicle test and after-sales services.
  • We receive strict audit and regular supervision of certification authorities, keep improving our products to satisfy customers requirements and potential demands, and always supply high.quality products and considerate services for them.







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