Jinli Heavy Industry Successfully Completed the Assembly and Debugging of the First Independently Developed Jld1700 Wind Power Boom Tower Crane


On May 20th, good news came from Jinli heavy industry: Jinli heavy industry successfully completed the assembly of the first JLD1700 wind power boom tower crane (JLD1700 tower crane for short) independently researched and developed and the load hoisting inspection work on site.

As a high-end equipment manufacturing industry entity invested and controlled by Jinli group, Jinli heavy industry has completed the assembly and debugging of the first JLD1700 wind power boom tower crane, which not only opened a new navigation mark for the group company to transform and develop to high quality, it also realized the successful extension of Jinli group to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry!

JLD1700 tower crane adopts the new design of the variable amplitude structure of the boom according to the hoisting characteristics of wind power, which greatly improves the disassembly and assembly efficiency and transportation convenience; The structure of the whole machine is optimized, which is safe, reliable and stable in use; and it integrates a number of advanced intelligent technologies, making it a powerful tool for wind power hoisting.

The total weight of the tower crane is about 700 tons, the maximum radius of the amplitude is 68 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is 136 tons, the maximum lifting height is 183.5 meters, the main components are metal structure, working mechanism and electrical system can completely cover onshore wind power 2.XMW~ 3. The hoisting of XMW wind turbine is especially suitable for the construction sites with small space and limited working space such as mountainous areas, fields, fish ponds, etc. It is also suitable for hydropower, petrochemical, construction and installation of large buildings such as bridges and nuclear power plants.

In order to achieve the installation performance target of "36-hour one-disassembling and one-installation" and ensure that the products delivered to users play their greatest advantages on the construction site, at the beginning of summer, the company has installed and debugged the first prototype before leaving the factory. With the positioning and landing of the first chassis, the company starts lifting and landing, fastening bolts and assembling thousands of parts to solve the installation technical problems, debugging electrical system and so on. On May 20th, the debugging work of the first JLD1700 wind power boom tower crane prototype was successfully completed, which ensured that it reached the best state before leaving the factory, and accumulated experience at the same time, it has trained the team and laid a solid foundation for the next step of tower crane disassembly and transition.

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