JLP1200 Flat-Top Tower Crane


  • Max. Hoisting Capacity:50t
  • Max. Boom Length:70m

JLD2250S/200t can meet the lifting requirements of the hub height under 185m.


With the rapid development of large engineering and prefabricated construction engineering at home and abroad, the construction period of large buildings is becoming shorter and shorter, and the lifting environment is becoming more and more intensive, which often requires multiple cranes to cross the operation. The flat boom tower crane with its large lifting weight, wide operating range, high work efficiency, convenient installation and disassembly characteristics, in large projects increasingly significant role, so the market for flat head tower crane demand is also increasing. Compared with the tower cap type horizontal boom tower crane, it reduces the height of the tower top and meets the requirements of different working conditions. It is especially suitable for group tower crossing operation and tower crane disassembly under the restricted conditions of construction site, and greatly improves the working efficiency of tower crane. The luffing tower crane of Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co.,Ltd solves lifting problems for users by adopting advanced design concept, optimized structure, stable control system and comprehensive technical services.

JLP1200 Flat-Top Tower Crane

  • Model:JLP1200/50t
  • Max. hoisting capacity:50t
  • Max. hoisting capacity at jib end:12.5t
  • Max. boom length:70m
  • Max. free standing height:162.5m
  • Working Statue Wind Speed:20m/s
  • Size of foundation:18m × 18 m
  • Ground pressure requirement:200Kpa
  • Wind speed (instantaneous):20m/s  (working status)35.8m/s(non-working state)
  • Working Temperature: -20~+40℃



Large Underframe


High Safety


Counter Weight:0


Foundation Capacity Requirements:200Kpa


Monolithic Tower


Disassembling Time:36hr


Bolt Connection



Economical Efficiency
1.1 Engineering economy: Normally 50m×40m platform, 30m×40m in extreme condition also fine small occupation area, saving civil construction cost; Suitable for challenging terrain.
1.2 Transportation economy: 25 trailers are needed;Most components transportation size is controlled by 3.75m × 3.75m Auxiliary crane for installation:250ton Crawler crane ,350 ton All Terrain Mobile Crane


2.1 Strong wind resistance, high safety
2.2 Safety & Low Pad Requirement Base distance 18m×18m Strong anti-overturning ability, the pad requirements is 200kPa


Transition Efficiency
3.1. Double TC Base Frame
3.2. Around 36 hours transition between the Crane Pad
3.3. Modular design, convenient disassembly and assembly


The flat-top tower crane has both a small floor space and large tonnage hoisting capacity, making it the mainstay of large construction sites, such as prefabricated buildings, bridges, stadiums. etc. 

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