80t 42m Truss Gantry Crane


  • Capacity:80t
  • Span: 42m/32m interchangeable

Applications: Open warehouse, yard, railway freight station, port dock cargo area.


Pipe truss structure, inverted triangle bridge, pin connection, span can be 32m/42m changeable.
The lifting capacity of main hook covers 20 to 80 tonnes, equipped with 10t or 20t hoist secondary hook.
MDG gantry crane can be widely used in thermal power, hydropower, bridges, steel structure processing plants, dock yards, construction building sites and so on.

80t 42m MDG Gantry Crane

  • Model: MDG 80t 42m
  • Work duty: A5
  • Capacity: 80 tons or as require
  • Span: 42m/32m interchangeable
  • Lift height: 15m or as require
  • Lifting speed: main hook 0-14 m/min,electric hoist 3.5-7 m/min
  • Speed: wheel mechanical 22 m/min,electric hoist 20 m/min
  • Cantilever Length: Single cantilever 10.9m or as require
  • Working Temperature: -20~+40℃



Tube Truss Structure


Bridge Inverted Triangle


Pin Joint


Advanced Design Concept


Safe and Easy to Install and Transport


Excellent Configuration


Flexible Control Mode


All-Round Security Protection



Excellent Performance & Strong Engineering Adaptability
MDG series gantry cranes are specially developed for the use of hydropower, thermal power construction and other user equipment needs to be frequently disassembled and installed, often long-distance transfer and transportation, the first time into the plant without a large mobile crane, the use of the changing environment and other use characteristics of the new crane. The machine has the advantages of small wind area, strong wind resistance, wide operating range, large speed range, high efficiency, advanced configuration, light weight, easy to install and dismantle, low transportation costs.


Modular Design Fast Disassembly & Low Transportation Costs
Modular advanced design concept ensures convenient disassembly and assembly of MDG series gantry cranes, luffing mechanism and hoisting mechanism have been installed in the steel leg section of the bridge frame before leaving the site, which greatly reduces the transportation size; running mechanism, driver's room, electrical room and other modules are highly integrated, and each accessory has been installed before leaving the site, which reduces the on-site disassembling and assembling work to the greatest extent possible. With the reasonably optimized distribution scheme, only 4 sets of plate trucks are needed to complete the long-distance transfer of the whole vehicle, saving transportation and dismantling costs for customers to the maximum extent.


Strong Wind Resistance & High Wind Safety
The main structure of main girder, rigid leg, flexible leg and other main structures are tube truss structure, small wind area, strong wind resistance, with multiple windproof devices such as rail clamps, cable wind rope, iron shoes, etc., It can withstand class 12 wind in non-working condition, which can effectively guarantee the safety of the equipment.


Verified By Domestic And Foreign Engineering & Reliable Quality
MDG series gantry cranes have been put into use for nearly one hundred units so far, and have been verified by the project to be of reliable quality and good performance, and have been exported to overseas countries. It has created good economic benefits for customers and has been highly praised by users.

Customized service process


Understand the construction plan
Communicate with customers in detail about the construction and hoisting scheme, and formulate the crane design scheme.


Product Design and development
The product development team conducts structural stress analysis and scheme design to determine the scheme.


Load test and delivery
After the product is made, it shall be installed on the 10000T ·m test platform in the factory.


After-sales service
Professional after-sales service team, 7*24 hours online service, quickly meet your needs.


It is suitable for open warehouse, yard, railway freight station, port dock cargo area, such as loading and unloading and lifting.And also be matched with a variety of spreaders for some special work.

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  • Wind turbine power
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