On December 17th, 2020, another newly one JLD1700-136t wind turbine tower from Jinli Heavy Industry Co. successfully completed the installation and debugging of the wind turbine tower at the mountain wind power project in Yuanping City, Shanxi Province, and carried out the lifting construction of the wind turbine tower, which provides a strong guarantee for the owner to seize the time for the installation before December 30th.

JLD1700 wind tower crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 136 tons and a maximum lifting height of 183.5 meters, which can fully cover the lifting of onshore wind turbines of 2.XMW~3. XMW. It is especially suitable for the construction site with narrow and limited working space such as mountains, fields, fish ponds and so on.

The center height of the wind turbine hub for this wind power project is 95 meters. It adopts the mountainous installation condition of JLD1700 wind turbine tower crane, with a lifting arm length of 71 meters. Only three standard sections are installed on the tower body, without the need for hydraulic jacking system, and can be directly installed in place in one go,which is convenient for disassembly, light weight and rapid transfer.

At the same time, the tower crane is equipped with two sets of foundation bases, and the assembly base does not occupy the hoisting and transfer time, which greatly improves the disassembly and transfer efficiency.







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