Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. Helped Hunan Xiangjiang Electric Power Group To Complete The Installation Of Wind Turbines In Jiangsu Longqiu Project


On December 23, 2020, JLD1700-136T wind power tower of Jinli Heavy Technology Co., LTD completed the lifting of the first 132m height fan in nanyang Mountain Wind Power project of Henan Province. The center height of fan hub in this project is 132m, and three-blade lifting scheme is adopted.

The maximum lifting capacity of JLD1700 wind power tower machine is 136 tons, and the maximum lifting height is 183.5 meters. It can completely cover the hoisting of onshore wind power 2.XMW~3.XMW wind turbines, especially suitable for the construction sites with narrow and limited working space such as mountains, fields and fish ponds.

The tower of the wind power project is 132 meters high, with narrow machine position and inconvenient transportation.JLD1700 wind power tower machine for construction, give full play to the JLD1700 wind power tower machine covers an area of small, large lifting capacity, high lifting height, convenient disassembly and assembly, light weight rapid transition; At the same time, the tower crane is equipped with two sets of base, the assembly of the base does not occupy the lifting and transfer time, greatly improving the transfer efficiency.

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