Chairman Cheng Quanming of Jinli Group Won the Honor of “Top Ten Meritorious Entrepreneurs” In the Demonstration Area


On the morning of November 1st, 2021, the demonstration area held a conference on optimizing the business environment in Yugong theater of cultural city. The Conference reported the development of Jiyuan's work on optimizing the business environment, ten high-growth small, medium and micro enterprises were commended. At the conference, Cheng Quanming, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman of the board and general manager of Jinli Group, served as the "Top Ten Meritorious entrepreneurs" in the demonstration area and received the award.

Since its establishment in 1995, under the leadership of Chairman Cheng Quanming, Jinli group has followed the steps of technological innovation and adhered to green development. The industry involves lead-zinc smelting, rare and precious metal recycling and recycling, mining, machinery manufacturing and other fields have become a new force in China's lead and zinc industry, and have been the "top 500 private enterprises in China" for 10 consecutive years ".

Cheng Quanming, chairman of the board, will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, lead Jinli people to set sail high, and display new images and make new contributions in the new journey of accelerating the high-quality development of the demonstration area!

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