The Product Conference Of “Royal wind-JLD2250 Type Wind Power Tower Machine Of Jinli Heavy Technology Co., LTD” Came To A Successful End


On May 13, Henan Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD. JLD2250 wind power tower machinery industry conference was held in Jiyuan city, the conference invited the Wind turbine manufacturer , EPC and construction enterprises and other industry representatives to attend.

The theme of this conference is "Royal wind-6MW and below onshore wind power hoisting tool". Aiming at the problem of onshore wind power hoisting above 160 meters, Jinli Launched the new JLD2250 wind electric boom tower crane, which has a maximum lifting height of 198 meters and a maximum lifting weight of 180T.It can fully meet the hoisting requirements of all land fans with low wind speed and high tower below 6MW.

Fusion demonstration zone management committee members meeting, jiyuan city, jiyuan city vice mayor Mr YuYiMin stressed that the industry is the base of the jiyuan city, jiyuan city now has more than 40 related business enterprise of iron and steel, four "China top 500 private enterprises", Henan Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co ., LTD. is a key equipment manufacturing enterprise introduced by Jiyuan city in 2019,relying on the abundant capital and advanced technical experience of Jinli Gold lead Group, jinli Heavy Science and Technology Co., LTD has made great contributions to the high-quality development of Jiyuan equipment manufacturing industry by taking the r&d of large and medium-sized lifting tower as its own responsibility.

Du Zhonglian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengliu Town, Jiyuan City, also has the same view. He stressed that the strong industrial town is the foundation of Chengliu Town, and Jinli Heavy Science and Technology Co ., LTD is the pillar enterprise of Chengliu Town. The new JLD2250 pneumatic boom tower crane independently developed by Jinli Heavy Science and technology co., LTD fills the gap of hoisting equipment of ultra-high wind turbine in China. It is of great significance to promote the development of wind power in China's low wind speed region.

Song Guang, general manager of Jinli Heavy Science, gave a detailed introduction to JLD2250 type wind power tower machine. He said that the wind turbine gradually develops to the direction of large units and high wind towers. The wind power industry is faced with the lack of ultra-high lifting equipment, high lifting cost, difficult lifting difficult maintenance and maintenance. There are certain risks when traditional crawler crane and automobile crane are hoisting with super tall tower and super long blade, and the lifting cost is high. JLD2250 type wind power tower machine is the special equipment for wind power hoisting with the highest lifting height and the heaviest lifting weight without attachment and its product performance parameters are the highest in the international similar products. With the advantages of 36-hour disassembly and assembly transfer, strong wind resistance, low basic requirements, small assembly site, high economy, safety and stability, it will be the best choice for hoisting large fans on land.

Dai Daqiao, chief engineer of Goldwind Technology Co., LTD ., made a detailed description of the development process and prospect of the domestic wind electric boom tower machine. He emphasized that the upsizing of fans has become the inevitable trend of the current industry development. How to reduce the lifting cost while increasing the fan capacity is the key JLD2250 wind turbine tower machine has a maximum lifting height of 198 meters, a maximum lifting weight of 180T, basically can be the domestic land 1.XMW-5.XMW wind turbine all in one net, it has greatly broadened the application scope of tower cranes and created conditions for wind turbine oems to develop larger onshore wind turbines.

The first JLD2250 wind turbine of Jinli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been ordered by Sichuan Huadong Electric Group Co., Ltd. as soon as it is released. At the meeting site, Mr. Cheng Ming, Chairman of Henan Jinli Gold lead Group and Chairman of Henan Jinli Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD., and Mr. Yu Wenquan, Chairman of Sichuan Huadong Electric Group Co., LTD., the first order customer, held the delivery ceremony.

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